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Sir Robert Baden-Powell quotes

British army officer, founder of the Boy Scouts, 1857-1941

The religion of a man is not the creed he professes but his life - what he acts upon and knows of life and his duty in it. A bad man who believes in a creed is no more religious than the good man who does not.


We never fail when we try to do our duty, we always fail when we neglect to do it.


In all of this, it is the spirit that matters. Our Scout law and Promise, when we really put them into practice, take away all occasion for wars and strife among nations.


A boy is naturally full of humor.


Success in training the boy depends largely on the Scoutmaster's own personal example.


The most important object in Boy Scout training is to educate, not instruct.


The more responsibility the Scoutmaster gives his patrol leaders, the more they will respond.


Show me a poorly uniformed troop and I'll show you a poorly uniformed leader.


It should be the thing never to mention unfairness of judging when defeated in a contest.


The Scoutmaster teaches boys to play the game by doing so himself.


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