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George Harrison quotes

Musician, producer and composer, member of The Beatles, 1943-2001

The main gist of it is to find the most ancient Beatle music possible. It comes in chronological order through the various other records we d made and bring it up to date, up to now. We want to put as many songs on the CD's as possible, to make it of greater value. So, we put like 60 minutes or 70 minutes or like 25 songs on a CD. We re talking really about an historical thing now.


The Beatles will go on and on.


The biggest break in my career was getting into the Beatles in 1962. The second biggest break since then is getting out of them.


The thing that pleases me the most about it is that young people like it. It's given kids from 6 to 16 an alternate view of music to what's been available for the past 20 years.


After ‘Norwegian Wood’, I met Ravi Shankar at a friend's house in London, for dinner. He offered to give me instructions in the basics of the sitar, like how to sit, how to hold it, and the basic exercises. It was the first time I had ever really learned music with a bit of discipline. Then I started to listen to Indian music for the next two years, and hardly touched the guitar, except for recordings. Having all these material things, I wanted something more. And it happened that at just the time I wanted it, it came to me in the


Now as it gets into the mid to late 60's we found different outtakes or maybe a version of something that had some vocals that were different to the vocals that ended up on the master, so what we have done is present the alternate version. And we have tried to create a lot of the most famous songs but totally different versions of them.


I don't wear small shoes, or tight pants that squash your balls.


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  George Harrison quotes

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