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Ronaldo quotes

Brazilian soccer player declared the best player in the world, 1976-

Being compared to one of the greatest players of all time is a sign that I work hard and with quality, but people tend to become obsessed with comparisons. Pele and I are very different; I am Ronaldo, I have my own characteristics an I wish to be judged on them alone.


Slowly, slowly I am starting to understand what has happened to me and to this Brazil team.


My life has always been a series of challenges and I'm psychologically-prepared but this is the biggest challenge of my life.


I have ambitions I want to fulfil, to enjoy more success with Brazil.


I don't want my fans to have the same disappointment as me when I was refused by some players to sign my notebook when I was young.


There is room for individuality, but without the strength of this Brazil group it is nothing.


Pele is the greatest player in football history, and there would only be one Pele in the world.


Off the field I like to go out, but not too much. I love to dress well, love Italian fashion. And I like to eat well. But in general I'm a simple guy. Cars are not my great passion, but I think it's important to have the best. To me, music is a must; I have hundreds of CD's. Football-wise, I want to play for another 15 years, after that I don't know. I'd like to stay in Europe for at least three more years with a big club and learn as much as possible about other countries.


Of course I'm flattered to be compared to Pele, but Pele only left the playing fields after scoring 1,000 goals and I'm just getting started.


Let's display our determination that was lacking in Buenos Aires.


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  Ronaldo quotes

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