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Help about ThinkExist Users' Website

Welcome     to     ThinkExist    Users ' Website. 

If you like collecting Quotations, this is your site!


How do I register?

Go to 'REGISTER' and fill in the form in order to have YOUR OWN HOMEPAGE at ThinkExist. 

How much does it cost?

ThinkExist's services are absolutely FREE!!

How do I log in? 

If you are a New User you should register first. If you are not a New User , go to 'LOGIN' and enter your User Name and your Password. You will appear at YOUR OWN HOMEPAGE at ThinkExist.    

What if I forgot my password? 

If you forgot your password go to 'LOGIN' and click on the link 'FORGOT MY PASSWORD'. You will receive an email at your email address with the lost password.

How do I change my password?

To change your password log in and then go to 'EDIT PROFILE'. From there you can change your password, email, etc. 

How do I post a Quotation?

Once registered and from Your HomePage 'MY HOME', you can go to 'PLACE A QUOTATION' to post your favorite quotations.   

How do I edit or delete a Quotation?

Once registered and from 'MY HOME', you can either edit or delete any of your Quotations.

To edit a Quotation click on 

To delete a Quotation click on   

How do I look for Quotations?

If you want to check Quotations from other Users go to 'BROWSE QUOTATIONS' and click on the User you like. The User's names appear in alphabetical order. You do not need to be registered to look for Quotations. You can also look for your own Quotations from here.

How do I send a Quotation to a friend?

Click on the Quotation you like, either from your own collection at 'MY HOME' or from any other User's Page, and then click on the icon 'SEND TO A FRIEND'. Enter your data and your friend's data and it is done!


Any Comment?. Any Question?. Any Feedback? 




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