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Dorothy Parker quotes

American short-story writer and poet, 1893-1967

I don't know much about being a millionaire, but I'll bet I'd be a darling at it.


Look at him, a rhinestone in the rough.


It's not the tragedies that kill us, it's the messes.


It's a small apartment, I've barely enough room to lay my hat and a few friends.


If you're going to write, don't pretend to write down. It's going to be the best you can do, and it's the fact that it's the best you can do that kills you.


If you want to see what God thinks of money, just look at all the people He gave it to.


I shall stay the way I am because I do not give a damn.


All those writers who write about their childhood! Gentle God, if I wrote about mine you wouldn't sit in the same room with me.


I might repeat to myself slowly and soothingly, a list of quotations beautiful from minds profound - if I can remember any of the damn things.


Salary is no object: I want only enough to keep body and soul apart.


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  Dorothy Parker famous quotes

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